Meet Me

All About Me!

Hey Everyone!! I am from the great state of North Carolina and yes I guess you can say I am a bit country. I am a true Diy’er and love to travel. I am a Marine Corp wife and I am married to the best man in the world. I have one little baby named Tyson and he is my cute little Shih-tzu.

Fun Facts About Me:

My husband is in the Marine Corp, so that makes me a women of courage and strength.

I love any and all things Interior Design. (currently a full time student)

I love the dog breed Shih-tzu! There are so stinking amazing.

Why do I blog?

Guess what? Who doesn’t blog! I blog because I love to share my story and Ideas with others. Although we may not know it, there are lots of people out there who have the same situations, likes, and hobbies as ourselves. Why not share and trade?

What are some of my favorite blogs?

Some of my favorite blogs:

-The life of a not so ordinary wife

-Liz Marie Blog

– A little Piece of me

and many many many more!!

What do you do outside of your blog?

Outside of my blog I am a fulltime student, wife, and I work. My life is non stop. I’m sort of like the energizer bunny except my batteries die on the days I have off LoL!

What’s one thing you dislike on a dialy basis?

I am so not a picture taker. I am always caught off guard. Take a look at this one below. UMMMMM…..not a good one LOL!!

Where did you grow up?

I am a military brat and I have pretty much lived all over. My dad use to be in the military and we moved about every three years like I do now with my husband. Also when I served in the Air Force I traveled as well. I have lived in California, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, New York, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina. I’m such a traveler!

Want to know more fun facts about? Follow my blog the Scott-Neal house to see how we live our everyday lives as the military takes us on a journey through life. You can also contact me at


2 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. This was lovely to read. I was drawn into your ad picture. My boyfriend is in the Marines, he is in Beaufort, SC.

    Are you the Birthday ball in those photos?

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