Great Giveaway Coming Soon!!

What a day!!! I am by all means exhausted and I’m totally glad this day is coming to an end. I have so many things on my plate right now and I actually can’t wait for May to come so that my husband can be back to help me. On a better note, I have something great for you guys this coming Monday. I am doing a fitness giveaway.

I have had a ton of emails from readers about how I am inspiring them to become better people in the gym and in the kitchen. I am so happy that I am able to encourage other people to do what means the most to them. Getting in the gym everyday is hard especially if your schedule is hectic. No matter how busy my day is, the gym is my getaway.  I put in my headphones, turn on my music, and turn into another person. I get totally lost in my workout. Okay enough of that!! I bet you want to know what the giveaway is right?!!!

Starting on the 4th of February I will be doing a twelve day raffle for a personalized nutrition plan and a $25.00 Visa giftcard to help you get started on your journey to healthy living. How exciting right?!!

Well, stay tuned for this great giveaway!! Have a great night!!




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