Weight loss Progress

I am back today!! It has been a truly exhausting week with school and the gym. Thank God for the weekends and even those go by to fast. I thought I would jump on her really fast and share some weight loss updates with you.

So I started working out with my great trainer, Jen, about 4 weeks ago. My husband is deployed and I desperately wanted to start my weight loss program ASAP. The great thing about this program is that it’s not a diet. It’s actually a lifestyle change. I am learning to eat only fresh food and absolutely no processed. When people hear that they normally start to see dollar signs flying around in their head because eating fresh is expensive but I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely worth it.

Since I started my lifestyle change I have lost 12 pounds. This is pretty good going off a reasonable two pound a week loss. Here is my before picture which I am completely not wanting to share lol but I will. Take a look!!!


I hate to look at that picture but we all have to start somewhere right. I absolutely love my progress though. Here’s a little sneak peak…




The pictures aren’t a drastic change but the definitely show a difference. My favorite is the back picture. You can start to see the definition of my beautiful muscles.

If you want to lose weight and not look loose (flabby) I have learned to incorporate strength training along with cardio. Yes, cardio is good but you want muscle to.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates. You can also follow me on Instagram @dontaye10 for more pics.

Have a goodnight…….

PS. Spaghetti squash for dinner was delicious!!


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