Creeping up on 30

I have yet to come to the realization that I am coming up on 30. I do have two more years untill I am there but I realized that the older you get the more you start to wonder whether or not you did all the things you wanted to do before you got there. I complain to my husband all the time about how old I am getting and he always turns to me and says, “Babe, your still young!” Great way to get on your wife’s good side lol!! I have totally compiled a list of all the things I would like to do before I am 30. If they will happen, I have no idea but we will find out. As they happen I will mark them off but every year around New Years I will reflect back to this post to see if I did the things I wanted to do.

1. I want to travel to a foreign country and learn the language. I would love to go spend a month in Paris. The shopping capital of the world in my eyes.

2. I plan to have my firsst child before I am 30. Yes, that means in the next year I better get moving lol!!

3. I plan to have my masters or be in the process of getting my masters.

4. I also hope to have my business up and completely running.

5. I hope to go on the most beautiful and romantic vacation with my husband. Due to the fact that he is in the military, we rarely ever get to go see nice places just the two of us.

6. Upgrade to a family vehicle. We will definately not be able to squeeze car seats and strollers in our two little vehicles.

7. I hope to purchase a vacation home for the hubby and I in the Dominican Republic.

8. I want to throw the biggest and most amazing anniversary party for my hubby and I at our 5 year. Every great marriage deserves to be celebrated.

9. I would love to take my husband to Disney World, since he has never been.

10. I would love to celebrate atleast one Thanksgiving and Christmas with my husband without the military interrupting it.

11. Win my first IFBB pro Bikini or figure competition.

12. Run atleast two Spartan races.

and God could this list go on forever. Yes it could and I am not going to write all my ideas on here lol. You guys would be reading forever. So I know of a few of these that will happen in the next year but you will have to stay tuned to find out what they are. Don’t forget to make your list and check it twice.


Have a relaxing Sunday and for some of us………School starts back tomorrow!!!


2 thoughts on “Creeping up on 30

    • Hi Niki, I have totally heard about Ft. Bragg lol. My brother used to be stationed there. Thanks so much for coming over and joining me on my blog. Please continue to stay and read with us. Thanks!!

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