Question and Answers!!

I recently wrote a post for another blog called Ech and Will about military deployments. I actually loved writing this because I got to share my military wife experience with other wives. You can read about it here. I stated in the post that if any wives wanted to ask me questions, I would answer them on my blog. One main thing I would do was keep their name a secret so no one would know it was them. I opened up my email today and it was flooded with deployment questions. So tonight I am going to answer the first one exclusively right here. So here goes nothing.

“Dear Dontaye, I absolutely loved your advice about military deployments. The love of my life, actually my whole reason for being the person that I am today is gone to a war zone and I feel like I could just die. What makes it worse is that I see military wives sitting around spending all their husbands hard earned money and sleeping with other military men like they could careless. What and how do you deal with these type of situations?”

Well, Jane Doe, obviously because I can’t say who you are…….this is an awesome question and in a way very hard to answer but I am going to try my best to give you the best answer. I have been a military wife for over 10 years now and that has been with my ex-husband and my husband now. I have been to four different duty stations as well. One thing I always come across are wives who have no emotion or sympothy for the things they do while their husbands are gone. I have to say that yes I personally know military wives who I feel should be doing better or that I know personally who have cheated on their husbands while deployed.

Okay, lets sum it up like this. Military wives have a reputation. Some of the everyday things that are said are some similar to these:

-All military wives do is sit at home and make babies.

-Military wives are just after benefits and money.

-Military wives…..most of them use to be barracks bunnies.

-NO…military wives work or get an education.

and the list could go on for days. The point I’m trying to make to you is that, I let it go. Their life is their life and GOD has a plan for everyone. If I know a spouse has cheated on the deployed spouse or vice versa, that information is confidential in my mind. I don’t start drama and neither will they ever know unless they hear it from someone else. As a military spouse, those of us who have pride in the name or those of us who are there to comfort, support, and stand by our spouses must know that we have to uphold the name and show people their stereotypes are wrong but for the wives that you have problems with you must realize that every stereotype has a group or certain person who will live up to it instead of helping us change the view of what others think of us. One thing I must make clear is that every person’s household is different and whatever they see fit for it is what they have to do or how they decided to live their life.

I hope this answered your question. I’m sorry I went a little off subject but I wanted to prove a point. Thank you so much for sending in your question. Please let me know if this helped.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our next question and answer post!!



Weight loss Progress

I am back today!! It has been a truly exhausting week with school and the gym. Thank God for the weekends and even those go by to fast. I thought I would jump on her really fast and share some weight loss updates with you.

So I started working out with my great trainer, Jen, about 4 weeks ago. My husband is deployed and I desperately wanted to start my weight loss program ASAP. The great thing about this program is that it’s not a diet. It’s actually a lifestyle change. I am learning to eat only fresh food and absolutely no processed. When people hear that they normally start to see dollar signs flying around in their head because eating fresh is expensive but I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely worth it.

Since I started my lifestyle change I have lost 12 pounds. This is pretty good going off a reasonable two pound a week loss. Here is my before picture which I am completely not wanting to share lol but I will. Take a look!!!


I hate to look at that picture but we all have to start somewhere right. I absolutely love my progress though. Here’s a little sneak peak…




The pictures aren’t a drastic change but the definitely show a difference. My favorite is the back picture. You can start to see the definition of my beautiful muscles.

If you want to lose weight and not look loose (flabby) I have learned to incorporate strength training along with cardio. Yes, cardio is good but you want muscle to.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates. You can also follow me on Instagram @dontaye10 for more pics.

Have a goodnight…….

PS. Spaghetti squash for dinner was delicious!!

Creeping up on 30

I have yet to come to the realization that I am coming up on 30. I do have two more years untill I am there but I realized that the older you get the more you start to wonder whether or not you did all the things you wanted to do before you got there. I complain to my husband all the time about how old I am getting and he always turns to me and says, “Babe, your still young!” Great way to get on your wife’s good side lol!! I have totally compiled a list of all the things I would like to do before I am 30. If they will happen, I have no idea but we will find out. As they happen I will mark them off but every year around New Years I will reflect back to this post to see if I did the things I wanted to do.

1. I want to travel to a foreign country and learn the language. I would love to go spend a month in Paris. The shopping capital of the world in my eyes.

2. I plan to have my firsst child before I am 30. Yes, that means in the next year I better get moving lol!!

3. I plan to have my masters or be in the process of getting my masters.

4. I also hope to have my business up and completely running.

5. I hope to go on the most beautiful and romantic vacation with my husband. Due to the fact that he is in the military, we rarely ever get to go see nice places just the two of us.

6. Upgrade to a family vehicle. We will definately not be able to squeeze car seats and strollers in our two little vehicles.

7. I hope to purchase a vacation home for the hubby and I in the Dominican Republic.

8. I want to throw the biggest and most amazing anniversary party for my hubby and I at our 5 year. Every great marriage deserves to be celebrated.

9. I would love to take my husband to Disney World, since he has never been.

10. I would love to celebrate atleast one Thanksgiving and Christmas with my husband without the military interrupting it.

11. Win my first IFBB pro Bikini or figure competition.

12. Run atleast two Spartan races.

and God could this list go on forever. Yes it could and I am not going to write all my ideas on here lol. You guys would be reading forever. So I know of a few of these that will happen in the next year but you will have to stay tuned to find out what they are. Don’t forget to make your list and check it twice.


Have a relaxing Sunday and for some of us………School starts back tomorrow!!!

Find me on Your Kindle……

Do I have any Kindle readers out there? I am in the market to get the new Kindle asap. I love to read and now I can find my blog on the Kindle for reading pleasure. If you don’t know already, you can find Scottneal Designs on your Kindle under blogs. So don’t worry, I will be with you everywhere you go. Well not literally lol!! As of this coming Sunday if you have a Kindle, download me please and let me know if you like it and if I should make any changes to the appearance. I am trying to start this year off great for my readers.

download (8)

Also, I will be featured on Ech and Will tomorrow giving my advice on military deployments. So go check me out. Stay tuned for more post and I promise to keep this year exciting.

Have a great night!!

Protein Pancakes

If your a lover of pancakes and are on a health kick for the New Year, you would love these fabulous pancakes that I have tried and loved. On my new fitness regimen I have to take a lot of protein because of the extensive workouts that I have to do but little did I know I could use this powder in my food. Take a look at this delicious recipe!!

2 eggs and one egg white, mixed together
1/2 cup uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1/4 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 packet Splenda®
1 teaspoon maple syrup or sugar-free jam
Cooking spray

Mix first five ingredients together in a bowl. Spray a small non-stick frying pan with cooking spray and turn heat to medium. Add pancake mixture to pan, cook until edges are firm. Flip, and cook one to two more minutes. Slide onto a plate and top with syrup or jam.

If you try this recipe and love it, please let me know. You can substitute the protein powder flavor for any flavor you would like. I use strawberry protein powder and mix blueberries in my batter.

Happy Eating!!

(You can find this recipe here)

It’s a New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I’m officially old at heart lol. I brought in the New Year sitting on my couch pinning on Pinterest and talking to my love who celebrated his New Year the night before in Japan.

To make a long story short, I hope everyone enjoys 2013. I know I will!!