Happy Holidays!!

I am totally jealous of all the people who are getting snow this time of year and kind of wish I was where ever you guys are. Right now I am currently in North Carolina where there is no snow and it’s still a little cool outside. So who wants to donate their beautiful snow to me?


On the other hand, I have been training super hard at the gym. If you missed my last post about what I’m training for you can check it out here. I also have made a big change in my diet lately. I have cut out refined sugar and processed foods. Yes, this means no cookies, cupcakes, soda, and anything else in that category. I am strictly on a protein and vegetable diet as of now. Sounds pretty boring Huh???!!!! It’s really not that bad. The results are amazing.

Oh yeah and great news, I have finally completed this semester of school with all passing grades. Next semester will be my last and I will be graduating with my degree in Interior Design. After that I will be going back to finish my first passion which was psychology.

So now that I have quickly filled you in on my crazy life, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!!

download (2)

FYI: I have lots of great things coming your way for the New Year!! It’s pretty exciting.


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