Hot Body and Healthy Mind!

I am truly grateful for all the things that have happened in my life this year and wouldn’t change any of it for the world. One thing I decided to do a month early was start my New Years Resolution. So what is it you ask?………To build and conquer the world with a healthier mind and a hot and sound body.

As I grew up in high school I never had an issue with weight because I was always small ranging in size from 0 to a 1. As I graduated and moved on, my weight started to fluctuate and I started seeing numbers on the scale that I wasn’t happy about. By 2008 I was a solid 185 (which is 80 lbs more than my high school weight) and didn’t know what to do with myself. I started to fall depressed due to the fact that I hated shopping in plus stores and all of my friends got to shop in the everyday store’s with the small petitie sizes. I finally decided to take action and I lost about 30 lbs excersing on my own and running everyday. I was so proud of myself for losing the weight.

In 2010, I met the love of my life and we later got married and I fell to comfortable. I started gaining all my weight back. Okay well not all but some. I had grown to be addicted to the scale and only like to see the numbers go down. When they didn’t budge I started to feel like I was always going to be this size and nothing was ever going to change. So, I started working out again and have dropped 20lbs on my own. I hear all the time, ” You weigh how much?!!!!, you don’t even look that big.” Trust me, I love all the compliments but it’s hard to believe when you don’t see yourself in that way.

For my 2013 New Year’s resolution I have decided to work with a trainer and train for a swimsuit and figure competition. If your not quite sure how those girls look, let me show you.

Embracing Change

Here’s on of my favorites  IFBB PRO Felicia Romero. Very hot!!

So, you have to imagine that I am looking forward to seeing all the great results that are coming my way. On top of that I have great man by my side, my wonderful husband, who is also going to be training for bodybuilding. I will be keeping you guys up to date on all my progress and posting some yummy recipes. I will also post my workouts for the day for some of you fitness buffs.

Until next time………..


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