Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

I hear people say all the time that there is no way they can redecorate on their budget and let me  tell you, a person can redecorate on just about any budget they want. I have a bathroom attached to my bedroom that gets the most use out of every bathroom in our house. This basically means that I see it all the time and that the polka dot shower curtain hanging in there was starting to get old looking. Here’s a look at it before!

I have had this shower curtain forever and it makes me want to barf everytime I see it. Other than that my bathroom is completely plain because I live with a man who doesn’t believe in towels for decoration; notice the empty racks. So, I had a hidden agenda to make this bathroom more upbeat or atleast appealing. That weekend I decided to go to Home Goods and Old Time Pottery. I also gave myself a budget of $40. For me thats nothing. I can spend $40 in no time but I stuck to my guns and I figured it out.

Here’s what I got….

I love the shower curtain and I thought it was a steal. I also love the vintage barrel. I thought it gave the counter some character.

Really…..a $2.00 rug!! The price to the rug was missing and they couldn’t find another one like it so they gave it to me for $2.00. Awesome steal!!!

I got the soap and toothbrush holder for $2.99 each and that big vase for $0.95. Absolutely loved it.

Last but not least the shower hooks. They were completely adorable. These brought my whopping total around $35 including the steam flowers for vase which were about $3.00. I had $5.00 left to save for my next room upgrade. So here’s what I would have spent if my things weren’t on sale or I had gone to an upper end store.

Rug: Paid $2 Actual Cost: $25

Shower Hooks: Paid $5.99 Actual Cost $10.99

Shower Curtain: Paid $8.00 Actual Cost $16.99

Vase: Paid $0.95 Actual Cost $12.99

Vintage Barrel: Paid/Actual Cost $9.00

Toothbrush and soap holder: Paid $2.99 each Actual Cost $8.99 each

So, to sum it up I paid $35.00 but could have actually paid in the ball park of $84.00. What a savings!!!

Remember, anyone can add character or change a room feeling with little money. It’s not how much you spend that makes it great. Share some of your money savers with us.

Until Next time…..


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

  1. Oh my goodness, love that shower curtain!!
    Where did you get it? Even at full price I would buy that lovely gem.
    I found your blog from the blogger coast to coast map. I live in Newport News and have been trying to find bloggers closer to my geographical area. Can’t wait to explore more in your blog!
    – Laura from Wader Lust

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