Beauty is Pain

I hear women say all the time that beauty is pain and God are they right. I have been having a few issues with acne lately and decided to see a dermatologist asap. I have suffered with acne all my life and I am finally just over it. Little did I know it was going to cost me my sanity….lol!! Here’s a look at my acne problem. Follow the arrow down my face…

If you look in the heart you can see the acne and the bulging pimple on my face. I was prescribed Epiduo for the daytime and Retin A Micrro for the nights. After both applications I have to apply a moisturizer because both of these formulas completely dry out your skin. In my case they have literally taken layers of skin off my face and made my skin look 100% better than it was before. Although right now I look like a snake shedding it’s winter skin.  Only bad part is, is that my face burns drastically. No matter what I put on it, my face feels like it’s on fire.

For the most part, I believe these two products are wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone who has an acne problem or suffers from blemishes.

Beauty is pain!!!


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