Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

I hear people say all the time that there is no way they can redecorate on their budget and let me  tell you, a person can redecorate on just about any budget they want. I have a bathroom attached to my bedroom that gets the most use out of every bathroom in our house. This basically means that I see it all the time and that the polka dot shower curtain hanging in there was starting to get old looking. Here’s a look at it before!

I have had this shower curtain forever and it makes me want to barf everytime I see it. Other than that my bathroom is completely plain because I live with a man who doesn’t believe in towels for decoration; notice the empty racks. So, I had a hidden agenda to make this bathroom more upbeat or atleast appealing. That weekend I decided to go to Home Goods and Old Time Pottery. I also gave myself a budget of $40. For me thats nothing. I can spend $40 in no time but I stuck to my guns and I figured it out.

Here’s what I got….

I love the shower curtain and I thought it was a steal. I also love the vintage barrel. I thought it gave the counter some character.

Really…..a $2.00 rug!! The price to the rug was missing and they couldn’t find another one like it so they gave it to me for $2.00. Awesome steal!!!

I got the soap and toothbrush holder for $2.99 each and that big vase for $0.95. Absolutely loved it.

Last but not least the shower hooks. They were completely adorable. These brought my whopping total around $35 including the steam flowers for vase which were about $3.00. I had $5.00 left to save for my next room upgrade. So here’s what I would have spent if my things weren’t on sale or I had gone to an upper end store.

Rug: Paid $2 Actual Cost: $25

Shower Hooks: Paid $5.99 Actual Cost $10.99

Shower Curtain: Paid $8.00 Actual Cost $16.99

Vase: Paid $0.95 Actual Cost $12.99

Vintage Barrel: Paid/Actual Cost $9.00

Toothbrush and soap holder: Paid $2.99 each Actual Cost $8.99 each

So, to sum it up I paid $35.00 but could have actually paid in the ball park of $84.00. What a savings!!!

Remember, anyone can add character or change a room feeling with little money. It’s not how much you spend that makes it great. Share some of your money savers with us.

Until Next time…..


Beauty is Pain

I hear women say all the time that beauty is pain and God are they right. I have been having a few issues with acne lately and decided to see a dermatologist asap. I have suffered with acne all my life and I am finally just over it. Little did I know it was going to cost me my sanity….lol!! Here’s a look at my acne problem. Follow the arrow down my face…

If you look in the heart you can see the acne and the bulging pimple on my face. I was prescribed Epiduo for the daytime and Retin A Micrro for the nights. After both applications I have to apply a moisturizer because both of these formulas completely dry out your skin. In my case they have literally taken layers of skin off my face and made my skin look 100% better than it was before. Although right now I look like a snake shedding it’s winter skin.  Only bad part is, is that my face burns drastically. No matter what I put on it, my face feels like it’s on fire.

For the most part, I believe these two products are wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone who has an acne problem or suffers from blemishes.

Beauty is pain!!!

2013 Color Forcast

I love me some Sherwin Williams and Valspar of course but today Sherwin Williams released the 2013 color. Survey says……..Aloe is the color. A soft pretty green that makes you feel at ease and relaxed.


I love this color! What do you think of the 2013 color from Sherwin Williams?

Detox Smoothie

We have all heard that it’s great to get your metabolism going first thing in the morning so we can start burning those calories we dread. I wanted to share with you my morning regiment that I use to give my body a boost for the day. Besides exercising first thing in the morning I have a shake or smoothie, whatever sounds better to you, that I drink to detox my body and beautify my skin. It’s the Green shake!! I first found this smoothie on Pinterest but it’s great. Click here.

Pinned Image


1 1/2 cups water

1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped

3-4 stalks organic celery

1/2 head of a large bunch or 3/4 of a small bunch of spinach

1 organic apple, cored and chopped

1 organic pear, cored and chopped

1 organic banana

Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon

Optional: 1/3 bunch organic cilantro (stems OK) and 1/3 bunch organic parsley (stems OK)


Yes, I know your probably thinking…..what is this and it sounds nasty but let me tell you, it works. I have seen a difference in my skin and most certainly in my weight. I love this shake beecause it goes with my no meat lifestyle right now.

As you bounce back and forth between workout regiments and you try to figure out what works best for you, you have to experiment with different things. Not everybodies body responds to low carb, low sodium, Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers. If you have curves and a fulfilled body like mine, you definately don’t want to be on any kind of carb diet (my personal opinion).

Try this smoothie and test it out. I am down 13 lbs all from my morning smoothies and great workouts.

Much Love………..


Farewells and hellos!!

This week I had to say farewell to my hubby who is on deployment for 6 months. I was a little disappointed but I was happy that he gets to see better and bigger things for a while. No need to fret though…..I will be flying to see him soon. One good thing though is that he has been sending me pictures on his journey and I thought I would share two of the most beautiful ones he sent. Take a look…..



How beautiful is Alaska during the winter? I love it!!

So that was my farewell but my hello is to the new me. Yes, I am still eating healthy and working out hard. If I can stop getting sick for once I would be okay. So I decided to share my nightly smoothie with you so you can enjoy some fresh fruit as well.

1/4 cup of blueberries
1/4 cup of strawberries
1/2 an apple
1 cup of yogurt

I also add a couple of ice cubes as well. This smoothie is delicious and well get rid of those late night hunger pains.

Much Love……..