Pinterest Monday

Oh yes, it’s Pinterest Monday and I get to show you all the great things that rocked my Pinterest over the weekend. I love Pinterest because their are tons of unique ideas on here from beauty to home design. Take a look at what I loved last week……..



                                                      PVC piped planters

Absolutely love the idea of recycling and saving the planet. I’m totally getting some of these.


Curtain rods hung from the ceiling to simulate a canopy bed.

I love these drapes from the ceiling. This is one idea I took down to make my bedroom much more cozier.


beer bottle chandelier. love this for a bar room or game room

And who said drinking isn’t fun?!!! I love this chandelier for my husbands game room.


Who loves winter? I do! Just the thought of wearing big colorful socks is the best. I have over 100 pair.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes!!! Yummy! I’m On diet but I had to have these. 


Well, that’s what rocked my Pinterest last week. Stay tuned for some more Pinterest throughout the week.  Also coming up are a few room designs I did and also what I’m currently working on. 


Until next time…..



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