Pinterest Monday

Oh yes, it’s Pinterest Monday and I get to show you all the great things that rocked my Pinterest over the weekend. I love Pinterest because their are tons of unique ideas on here from beauty to home design. Take a look at what I loved last week……..



                                                      PVC piped planters

Absolutely love the idea of recycling and saving the planet. I’m totally getting some of these.


Curtain rods hung from the ceiling to simulate a canopy bed.

I love these drapes from the ceiling. This is one idea I took down to make my bedroom much more cozier.


beer bottle chandelier. love this for a bar room or game room

And who said drinking isn’t fun?!!! I love this chandelier for my husbands game room.


Who loves winter? I do! Just the thought of wearing big colorful socks is the best. I have over 100 pair.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes!!! Yummy! I’m On diet but I had to have these. 


Well, that’s what rocked my Pinterest last week. Stay tuned for some more Pinterest throughout the week.  Also coming up are a few room designs I did and also what I’m currently working on. 


Until next time…..



Hello to All….

Hello to everyone! It’s Monday and the weekend went by so fast. If you haven’t already noticed my blog has been going through a couple updates and we still have yet to finish but I can’t wait for you to see the final project. On the other hand, I got the greatest thing recently…… new camera!!! Yes, I am so stinking excited. It’s a Nikon D5100. Thank God for all my photographer friends for giving me the info about this camera.



Isn’t it just lovely. I am so in love. I feel like I just met the perfect man… No offense to my husband. He understands. Also, I have been shopping. One of my favorite things to do of all times is to shop for home decor. I am currently updating a ton of new things in my store and I can’t wait to share. Here is one of my favorites………


I love this lantern! I actually have a few more that I will be adding as well that are just as fabulous. So stay tuned in to see future updates, more lovely blog post, and meet tons of new faces in the month of November.

Have a great week!

Halloween Throwbacks…..Love these Costumes.

So it’s almost Halloween and I have ran across the craziest costumes. I just had to share these crazy things with you. I am a 90’s baby so these costumes crack me up.


How bout some cereal………..LOL!!!


Thirsty much!!


Our famous lego friends.

I love these costumes and there were so many more but these were the top ones. What are you being for Halloween?!