What’s in Your Frig??

I have heard it time and time again that your refrigerator tells a person how you eat. I sometimes thought, “No, way because my husband and I share the same refrigerator!” Little did I know, this saying was absolutely true.

Losing weight for me is one of the hardest things ever when my husbands around because all we can think about is enjoying each other and having fun. So I kept a journal of what I ate for a month and saw that it wasn’t to bad but it wasn’t to good. So lately we have made the change to healthy and delicious foods. Now I get to share my refrigerator with you. Have a look….


Oh so healthy!! I love the way my refrigerator looks now. So what do you think? Make the change ladies! It’s well worth it.

On top of that I made a detox water today and thought I would share that with you as well. It’s very simple. I bought a juice pitcher and filled it up with filtered water, 2 cinnamon sticks, 5 slices of cucumber, several mint leaves, and 5 slices of lemon. That water has to set overnight in your fridge and you must drink all of it the following day and remake for the next.

Cheers to healthy Living!!


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