What’s in Your Frig??

I have heard it time and time again that your refrigerator tells a person how you eat. I sometimes thought, “No, way because my husband and I share the same refrigerator!” Little did I know, this saying was absolutely true.

Losing weight for me is one of the hardest things ever when my husbands around because all we can think about is enjoying each other and having fun. So I kept a journal of what I ate for a month and saw that it wasn’t to bad but it wasn’t to good. So lately we have made the change to healthy and delicious foods. Now I get to share my refrigerator with you. Have a look….


Oh so healthy!! I love the way my refrigerator looks now. So what do you think? Make the change ladies! It’s well worth it.

On top of that I made a detox water today and thought I would share that with you as well. It’s very simple. I bought a juice pitcher and filled it up with filtered water, 2 cinnamon sticks, 5 slices of cucumber, several mint leaves, and 5 slices of lemon. That water has to set overnight in your fridge and you must drink all of it the following day and remake for the next.

Cheers to healthy Living!!


Bad me!!

So I have been very bad this week and I have not blogged as much but I promise that is all about to change. I’m so looking forward to all the new things that will be happening in these next two weeks.

So let me update you! You will be seeing tons of new pictures on the blog. A total blog makeover that showcases the great life of me and my handsome husband and also all the things I love most like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home decor, and a very special segment weekly called “Keeping the love”. “Keeping the love” is going to teach you the awesome ways to keep your love life up and running especially for all of us married people. Oh yeah…and not to mention tons of new vlogs!! Yes, you will get to see me in action…lol!!!

I’m so excited to be sharing my new blog makeover with you and hope that everyone enjoys it. As for now……

Sweet dreams and don’t let the bed bugs bite!!

Pinterest Monday!

Every couple days or shall I say everyday I am on Pinterest looking for awesome ideas from facial treatments to home decor. So every Monday I am going to bring you my top picks from the week before. If you have any you would like to share, please be my guest. Here are some of my favorites……




Who would have thought someone would come up with this? A shoe vending machine. Oh how I love thee! I think I would’ve spent all my lunch money on these lovelies….LOL!!!




I loved this DIY blackhead peel off mask. I tried it and it works amazing. Don’t spend your Sunday sitting on the couch without this mask on.



This blog is amazing and gives tons of tips on how to give your house that “old house” look. I loved all the lighting ideas.



Can I hear a…..”YYYYUUUUMMMM”! This recipe was delicious. I loved it. It was low cal and was good for dinner and also for lunch the next day.

What have you found on Pinterest lately?


Yay, for Pinterest Monday!!!

How Adorable!!

I am a big sucker for things that are so stinking adorable!!! Of course it’s football season and everyone’s been asking, “Are you going to sell football things?”. Of course I am!! Yeah the words flew out of my mouth. Finally last week I got the cutest football legwarmers for children ages 0-5 years. Oh and guess what???!!!! I sold out a soon as I took them out the box. How crazy!!! I was shocked. Take a look at these lovely leg warmers.




I am currently taking pre-orders for these cutie pies if you want to show your baby off footballl style. Please email at scottnealdesigns@gmail.com or you can pre-order here.

Yay for Football!!


The Ear Ruler

Yes, my title is the ear ruler LOL!! I was shopping around with a friend yesterday and ran across some awesome and nifty materials. Being that I love all things design, I handmade these great ruler earrings.


Their very simple but cute. They will be available on the shop this afternoon and I will be wearing them sometime this week.

Happy CREATIVE Sunday!!

Fall is Here!!

I am overly excited that it is fall and I can’t wait to break out all my cool fall attire. I so love this season.  One thing I have plenty of is jewelry for the fall but one thing I can use more of is lots of shoes and jackets. How lovely is Pinterest? I love it! Here is what I found tonight and that I plan on purchasing.

Okay, I think i’m overly obsessed with Fall………

I absolutely can’t have fall without a great handbag. I absolutely love these!!!

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors  Grayson Woven Medium Satchel

Oh man!! Fall is so exciting to me when it comes to fashion. What are your fall likes?!! Well, should I say Loves??!!

Happy Fall!!