Winter Wear

Okay well I know it’s not winter yet but it is definately that time to pull out those fashionable winter boots for the up and coming season. I am a big fan of boots and I love heels. I decided to do a little online shoping to gather some new boots to buy for the winter. Have a lookzzzzyyy…….

I love colorful boots, especially when you can buy them in multiple colors. You gotta love these.

How bout these lovelies from just fab……oohhhlala!!!

Here’s one of my most favorites……

UGG boots!!! Not only are they comfy but they are good for those no heel days.

All in the midst of looking up boots, of course I had to buy some. So what did I get??

These beauties from Just Fab. I am so in love. I bet your trying to figure out my style. Well, let’s just say it’s girly but edgy. I love to dress up when I go on hot dates with the hubby or when were just going out for the day. What do you wear in the winter??

Oh yeah and if your looking for Fab jewelry check out my store here. Use code SEPTEMBER for 10% off and free shipping all month.

Happy Fashion!!


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