Winter Wear

Okay well I know it’s not winter yet but it is definately that time to pull out those fashionable winter boots for the up and coming season. I am a big fan of boots and I love heels. I decided to do a little online shoping to gather some new boots to buy for the winter. Have a lookzzzzyyy…….

I love colorful boots, especially when you can buy them in multiple colors. You gotta love these.

How bout these lovelies from just fab……oohhhlala!!!

Here’s one of my most favorites……

UGG boots!!! Not only are they comfy but they are good for those no heel days.

All in the midst of looking up boots, of course I had to buy some. So what did I get??

These beauties from Just Fab. I am so in love. I bet your trying to figure out my style. Well, let’s just say it’s girly but edgy. I love to dress up when I go on hot dates with the hubby or when were just going out for the day. What do you wear in the winter??

Oh yeah and if your looking for Fab jewelry check out my store here. Use code SEPTEMBER for 10% off and free shipping all month.

Happy Fashion!!


Creaivity for the Holidays

With Fall coming up I have been searching around for great fall ideas to fill my house with. I love them smell of scented pumpkin candles and the sweet smell of fresh breezy air. Haha….you get the point!! So here are some awesome Fall ideas I ran across.

I love this address pumpkin stack from Sassybellamalange.


How about this awesome wreath from Fresh Home.

For that really simple look I love the pumpkins in a jar from Celebrations.


Fall is one of my favorite times a year. What are your plans for the fall?


Happy Decorating!!

Back to School Must Haves

It’s one of those special times a year that we all love…..back to school. As a college student I have several must haves that I most certainly can’t live without.

1. Cute flats

Walking up and down stairs is a hassle and a killer on these feet. I have a pair flats to go with with almost everything (this most certainly means I have a hundred pairs).

2. Ponytail holders

Ponytail holders for those rainy and windy days especially since its almost fall.

Last but not least……

3. Comfy Jeans

I can’t live without comfy jeans. That’s like a fashion disaster. Plus, with school being so laid back jeans seem to make me feel more girly.

What are some of your back to school must haves???!!!!

Unique finds

Every now and then we run across unique finds. This summer I have been so into the anchor jewelry. I bought some pretty button earrings with gold anchors a few months ago. Take a look…


So today I ran across this one of kind….


If your ever in North Carolina and want a place to find vintage, check out the flea market in Newport, NC.

Happy Finding!!

How Beautiful!!

Just wanted to share some quick pics.




I’m addicted to jewelry. Oh nooooo!! You can check out this wonderful jewelry here.

On the other hand, migraine migraine oh how I hate thee. My day has been so crazy. Hope everyone enjoyed their Tuesday!!

New items!

So yes, I have officially opened my shop for anyone who doesn’t already know that. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure everything is perfect. Let’s just say I’m way over due for a vacation already but blessed to be where I am. On top of that here I am again a business women in need of sleep with a part time job and school starting soon. I’m like super women though lmao!!

Here are some new items I will be adding to my boutique this week. I think your going to love them. Take a look….



Love these!! Lace peep toes and satin head wraps. I will also be adding later some very cute Miss Molly Leg Warner’s as we get closer to the fall.


You can visit my shop here.

You can visit Grace and Lace & Siennas Closest here.

Happy Shopping!!

It’s open!!

So today……okay side note: I always start my blog post off this way (bad habit)……..I opened up my shop today and started with what I have so far. I love every single thing in my shop and I hope you do to. You can check out my shop here.

Here are a couple items available….




Don’t forget to visit us here.

A Sneak Peak…

So I have said this time and time before that I was going to open a little boutique and guess what?…… It opens at the end of this month instead.

I wanted something that says girl all over it so that’s what I created. My shop will sell everything from girl accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats, hair accessories, and girlish room decor. I brought you a little sneak peak of jewelry. Tale a look….




Everything is so beautiful and I’m so excited!! There is so much more to come so stick around!!

Shop Underway!

Yay!! Finally I got some of my stuff for my shop in the mail today. One of my favorites, which also one of the ones my customer was waiting for finally came today. Take a look…..


I love these anchor buttons for a summer accessory to any pair of pillows. Here are some other exclusives…



Love love love these. That was your sneak peak!! Stay tuned!!

Enter the giveaway!!

If you have not already, we have two days left for the giveaway. We are giving away some awesome prizes. Also, If your getting tons of rain like I am, stay inside, cuddle up, and please let me know what the next greatest book to read is.

Good luck!!