Iris Jane Handmade

All I have to say is absolutely love!! IrisJane is a handmade shop on Etsy I came across looking for a great pair of earrings. Take a look at the ones I bought……..




They are all incredibly awesome and beautiful up close. Please go check out IrisJane.

Stay tuned for the giveaway tomorrow where you can win a beautiful pair of birdcage earrings with pearls.

Pearls in a Bird Cage Earrings Aren’t they to die for? I love!!

Beauty is Love!!


2 thoughts on “Iris Jane Handmade

  1. You are right – she has some beautiful earrings! The birdcage design is so unique – thanks for introducing me to her! As I have gotten older, I am finding that I am enjoying larger and more unique earring designs. I was very boring as a youngster I guess! I wore alot of posts and small hoops. I just thought the larger stuff didn’t look good on me. My husband even mentioned earlier this month when we were out window shopping in a mall that he was finding it more difficult to shop for me, as my tastes had changed so much. But change is good, right? : ) Have a great week!

    • Hi, IrisJane handmade is very unique but her jewelry is amazing. The trends change so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up with lol!! My trends change a lot so my husband stays away from shopping for me.

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