Enough with the great news already, right???!!!! Well, as GOD continues to bless me I wil continue to share the good news. So besides doing my home decor line, I have also decided to open my own boutique, possibly calling it “La Maison de Decor”!! I needed a named that popped so for some reason that just randomly came to my head. LOL!!!! I haven’t quite decided on the name. I’m super excited though. I plan to sell some home decor, jewelry, alittle bit of clothing, and some other kinds of accessories……Have you got the hint yet??

This will definately be a full blown girly boutique. The kind where your husband goes “OMG”!!


I will definately post pics of all the great new merchandise I get. I don’t know what my husbands going to do once the garage is full of my stuff. Ha! He will have to remeber the saying……”A happy wife makes a happy home”!!

TTYL!!! Until we meet again.


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