I Plan to….

Decided to make an I plan to list to start working ASAP!! I always say I plan to do something but never get around to it. It’s awful! So here goes nothing……

1. I plan to get my self mentally prepared for school.

2. I plan to do a lot better in school this year. (mental focus)

3. I plan to meet 5 more new friends before October.

4. I plan to go parasailing with the hubby before he leaves for overseas.

5. I plan to walk into my business venture with an open mind.

6. I plan to graduate from college this year.

7. I plan to be a not so busy wife and cook everyday. ( so bad at this)

8. I plan to take my dog to the dog park more.

9. I plan to be smaller by Christmas.

10. I plan to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

So I’m sure I have much more to put but for now, what do you plan to do?



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