Great Butt and Ab workout!!

So today I did an awesome workout for my butt. If you don’t know me then I must tell you my butt is out of this world. I’m not fat but I have a Jennifer Lopez kind of booty LOL!! A couple of people have asked me to share my workouts on the blog because of how fast i’m losing my weight. 

So here’s my booty blasting workout that I did today……..

POP Pilates bikini booty thong workout from Cassey Ho  (23 minutes)

Call me maybe Squat Challenge (5:27 minutes)

POP Pilates perky butt’n long lean legs  (13 minutes)


I also did a quick ab workout. I do this workout Twice a day so it works wonderfully.

You’ve got abs! Flat ab’s pilates    (8:35 minutes)


Yes, if you haven’t already noticed I am a big fan of Blogilates. Cassey Ho is amazing and her workouts are super fun and hard. I love the challenge. Let it be known, my workouts are catered to where I need the weight gone at.

My problem spots include my butt, thighs, and abs. Of course these are typical girl problem spots. Other than that, I love the rest of my body.

Get your workout on and stay tuned for a new all natural detox that I am trying.




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