Chicken Strawberry Salad

Need a refreshing lunch today? I sure do. After I hit the gym for two hours today, I needed something good to eat. I ran across this recipe the other day on the computer and thought……Why not have a chicken strawberry salad.

(Picture property of


I added my own twist to the recipe though. Here’s what I used……….



-Mandarian Oranges



and of course lettuce. I also used a raspberry dressing. This salad was absolutely delicious.


In the mean time, if you want to find the right workout for your body check out Womens Health Mag for an exciting article about finding the right workout for your body shape.


My was the pear shape and it described me all the way. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay cool.

Eat Heathy, Work Hard!!


1…..2……3…….Enter to Win!

I have teamed up with two of my favorite bloggers to give away some great prizes. My blog is fairly small but I want my fellow followers to enjoy and love the benefits of being apart of Scottneal Designs Blog.

Here are the lovely prizes………





a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This will run till next week Friday. I have a special surprise for the person with the most entries or the most referrals to my facebook page. Goodluck!!

Iris Jane Handmade

All I have to say is absolutely love!! IrisJane is a handmade shop on Etsy I came across looking for a great pair of earrings. Take a look at the ones I bought……..




They are all incredibly awesome and beautiful up close. Please go check out IrisJane.

Stay tuned for the giveaway tomorrow where you can win a beautiful pair of birdcage earrings with pearls.

Pearls in a Bird Cage Earrings Aren’t they to die for? I love!!

Beauty is Love!!

Military Wife Life

Let’s just say being a military wife is rewarding as well as……….confusing (a nice way to put it). I have been a military wife for about 10 years now and I love it. My husband is in the Marine Corps and we currently reside in North Carolina, which is also where I was raised. While being in the military, you get to explore the world and meet people from all walks of life (and I truly mean from all walks of life). You meet some nice, crazy, funny, wierd, and gung ho wives. My only issue is “career”.

If you haven’t already heard this from me before, I am currently gaining my degree in interior Design. This is my passion, well aspects of it are, and I want to be somewhere where I can pursue my dreams. Being a military wife you pretty much have to go wherever your spouse goes. As North Carolina is a beautiful place, I want to be in a big city where the lights shine all night and the opportunities are endless. Possibly somewhere like New York, Los Angeles, Italy, Or……I guess you guys get the drift.

Being a military wife you give up the odds for both you and your spouse. I mean that as in saying, you give up some of what you want to stand by your spouse. Alot of the wives I know, just stay home and take care of their kids, do nothing, go to school, and do nothing. I am not that kind of person. I have to be constantly moving and constantly on the go. Sort of like a 50/50 relationship.

Here’s the best part about it though. As a military spouse you have to learn to take your passions and turn them into something you can do wherever you are. For myself, I have taken my interior design degree and have choosen to start a home decor boutique in my local town. I have choosen to start an online decor store.

The point of this post is that I hear a lot of military wives complain about having no life and not being able to do anything. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!! Find your niche and use it to your advantage.

Here are some great blogs from other military wives:

Liz Marie Blog

Hart to Heart

Happy hump day!!




Bodyrock Tv

Who says your workout has to be insane? Not only did I sweat this morning but for some odd reason my a** hurts from squating and I love squats. I tried a new workout station today called BodyRock Tv. It is amazing. I’m not quite sure but I believe this channel is from overseas somewhere but let me tell you, these girls look super hot!! Abs are to die for!!

check this out!!

You can also try there 30 day challenge here.

If you wanna look good, try this challenge for 30 days. I can see results already after a week.


Get fit!!

I Plan to….

Decided to make an I plan to list to start working ASAP!! I always say I plan to do something but never get around to it. It’s awful! So here goes nothing……

1. I plan to get my self mentally prepared for school.

2. I plan to do a lot better in school this year. (mental focus)

3. I plan to meet 5 more new friends before October.

4. I plan to go parasailing with the hubby before he leaves for overseas.

5. I plan to walk into my business venture with an open mind.

6. I plan to graduate from college this year.

7. I plan to be a not so busy wife and cook everyday. ( so bad at this)

8. I plan to take my dog to the dog park more.

9. I plan to be smaller by Christmas.

10. I plan to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

So I’m sure I have much more to put but for now, what do you plan to do?




Enough with the great news already, right???!!!! Well, as GOD continues to bless me I wil continue to share the good news. So besides doing my home decor line, I have also decided to open my own boutique, possibly calling it “La Maison de Decor”!! I needed a named that popped so for some reason that just randomly came to my head. LOL!!!! I haven’t quite decided on the name. I’m super excited though. I plan to sell some home decor, jewelry, alittle bit of clothing, and some other kinds of accessories……Have you got the hint yet??

This will definately be a full blown girly boutique. The kind where your husband goes “OMG”!!


I will definately post pics of all the great new merchandise I get. I don’t know what my husbands going to do once the garage is full of my stuff. Ha! He will have to remeber the saying……”A happy wife makes a happy home”!!

TTYL!!! Until we meet again.

Very Busy Day!! Great Surprise!!

I am so excited about the new things that are happening around me. You know the saying ” When it rains, it pours”? I love it! Even though not all things in your life are great, eventually you will experience some kind of life changing event that makes your day worth wild. I love the fact also that I have so many people in my life who believe in me and stand by my side through anything, especially my wonderful husband. Don’t know where I would be without him.

So I guess everyones wondering about the big surprise so here goes nothing……..I will be starting a home decor line that will be released November of 2012. I got asked a few questions about my line so I will answer a few on here.


When will you release it and how many pieces?

I plan to release my line November 2012. I havent quite decided how many pieces yet but I will tell you that all the pieces are wonderful in color. The pieces include pillows, curtains, throws, and much much more.


How excited are you?

I am so excited beyond words. I have had this in the making for about 2 years now. I have had to keep it a secret from everyone. I’m so happy that I finally have the opportunity to share it with others. The company I am working with is amazing and I couldn’t ask for better support.


What will your prices be like?

I am all about being able to afford something. I look at magazines sometimes and think “gee whiz”!! I have made all my prices affordable for everyone. I want my line to be for everyone and not just certain individuals.


Will have an online store or will your products be put in certain stores?

I will have an online store will all my products and merchandise. I am currently working on contracts with individually owned furniture stores and home decor stores. It is a process and let me tell you it has been very adventurous. I have learned a lot.


So there’s a little bit of the scoop of what’s going on with me. My days are filled with creating, writing tons of emails, keeping up with my blog, working, and taking care of home. Not to mention schools about to start in August. I just call it, “The life of a successful women with energizer batteries”.

Thanks for letting me share my great news!!!


Great Butt and Ab workout!!

So today I did an awesome workout for my butt. If you don’t know me then I must tell you my butt is out of this world. I’m not fat but I have a Jennifer Lopez kind of booty LOL!! A couple of people have asked me to share my workouts on the blog because of how fast i’m losing my weight. 

So here’s my booty blasting workout that I did today……..

POP Pilates bikini booty thong workout from Cassey Ho  (23 minutes)

Call me maybe Squat Challenge (5:27 minutes)

POP Pilates perky butt’n long lean legs  (13 minutes)


I also did a quick ab workout. I do this workout Twice a day so it works wonderfully.

You’ve got abs! Flat ab’s pilates    (8:35 minutes)


Yes, if you haven’t already noticed I am a big fan of Blogilates. Cassey Ho is amazing and her workouts are super fun and hard. I love the challenge. Let it be known, my workouts are catered to where I need the weight gone at.

My problem spots include my butt, thighs, and abs. Of course these are typical girl problem spots. Other than that, I love the rest of my body.

Get your workout on and stay tuned for a new all natural detox that I am trying.