Great kid Room Designs

So it’s Sunday and I’m spending the day making a room design for a friend and I came across some pretty awesome kid rooms while showing her a few ideas. I love all of these and thought I would share with you guys. Take a look!!

This picture is from project nursery and I love the outside forest theme. It sort of reminds me of Peter Rabbit.

These two rooms are from digs digs. The one on the left has an awesome surf theme while the one one the right…..”well, shiver me timbers”. I love it!!

Here is another outside forest theme from Niriti. I love the swing and the climbing rope.

This one is my favorite of all. OMG… daughter will have an awesome room like this. Every princess deserves a great place to lay her head.

This room from Luxury Idea is very overwhelming but a child would love this. It’s like a kid sanctuary.

Last but not least is this nautical theme room from Beggo Design. It’s very simple but eye catching.

All of these room designs are fantastic!! I believe a home never has to be dull and can be fun and exciting. I look forward to sharing the design we decide on.

Happy Sunday!!


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