Sprucing up for the summer

My favorite place to be during the summer is my back porch. Although its extremely hot, I can guarantee with the right look and feel you would spend most of your time out there to. I have been doing a lot of decorating and have ran across a few things I enjoy seeing during the summer on my patio and thought I would share. So here are a few tips to spruce up your back porch for the summer.

1. Lanterns


These are featured from homesresult.com but I love the variety of colors and shapes. You can find these at your local Target or Walmart as well.

2. Curtains


I love this curtain look from curtain-idea.com. Having curtains on your porch makes the porch feel homey and comfortable. Here’s another style I like!


This flowing curtain look is from deliciouslydetermined.com. I think the curtains make the room look so serene.

3. Comfy chairs


I love this comfy and big size piece of furniture from Acefurniture.com. I could just fall asleep in this and have sweet dreams.

4. Pillows


I found these on apartmenttherapy.com. I just love the colors and yes in a summer room you must use color.

5. Accents

Adding a coffee table, rugs, and little accents can really bring your porch together. Check out some of these from my favorite place to shop one kings lane.







With these awesome items added to your back porch you can make your space look absolutely fantastic.

Happy shopping!!


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