Summer Vacation

So everybody has places that are their favorite every year but I have just a few I plan to visit before the summers over. So here’s my list of adventures…….

First stop…….California to the beautiful and energetic Venice Beach. The entertainment here is great!!



California is pretty hot but it has a lot of great things to do for the summer. My next stop in Cali is Disney Land. Oh yeah!! This stop is for the little kid in me lol!!



Yes it’s not like the real Disney World but it’s just as awesome. Next stop after this is the great city of Portland, Oregon. I have never been here but my in laws live here and I am going on a new adventure.



I am so excited. My final destination for my internship is New York. I am so excited. I can’t wait. Country girl to city lights? I don’t know if I will want to come home.


Well, to top this whole trip off my dream vaca would be the Bahamas. I’m not going this year but maybe next summer where the water is crystal blue and beautiful.


Summer time is a time for fun. So get away from your stress and relax.

Happy vaca!!!


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Dontaye, I hope it is a great summer trip!! Take lots of pics, and share on your blog! Be sure to come home…we will be expecting you to grace us with your presence in August 🙂

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