Fitness check-in

So I got an email today from another fellow blogger asking me how my weight losing was going so I decided to share with everyone.

So I have been meat free for 3 weeks now and yes it has been rough.


I have been laying in bed in the middle of not craving only two things….

A big juicy burger!!

And hot wings!!

I know….I know…..I have totally stayed away and have been eating fruit and vegetables when I have cravings. I have also tried new things like eggplant and squash.


I will tell u what though…..the best workout I have had is the kettle bell workout. It has my body looking good.
For anyone unsure about the kettle bell workout, here is what they look like….

It is a great workout! Also the treadmill and running have been my best friend. I have cut soda and mostly drink water and natural teas. For snacks I eat fruit, vegetables, Greek yogurt, or I will have a shake (homemade).

So the moment of truth:

I am down 12 more lbs and my pants feel bigger. I have been meat free for 3 weeks and my abs are looking great.

Determination is the key!!


Happy fitness!!


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