DIY Roman Shades

Yes…I know today is Memorial Day and I should be out having fun but in my world making Roman Shades is fun. So I have to first start by saying that I love the roman shades with the huge fold overs. Something similar to this…..


I made my roman shades with no sewing machine, no mini blinds, and with absolutely little time.

So first I picked out my fabric…..


It’s a solid turquoise because I am adding a patterned cornice over the top of the roman shade. I also used a fabric fusion glue which is wonderful.


So first I rolled out the fabric and folded it in half so the fabric would be doubled to keep out sun if needed. I then folded over the sides about an inch due to my fabric width (this may vary depending on size of window).


I then doubled the fold so u couldn’t see the edges.


I then ironed the sides to make sure they didn’t move and stayed in place. I then turned the fabric around and did the same process on the top where the rod will be inserted and on the other length side. The only side I did not do was the bottom. I then used the fusion glue to glue all sides down.

As for the rod, I used 3 tension rods to make it easier for me. Tension Rods were priced at 2.00.


I then placed the tension rod through the rod pocket that I made up top and hung the roman shade. Of course you have to let it dry a little to. I then placed and spaced the other two tension rods at a decent distance and dropped the fabric over to create wide pleats.

Here goes……


It was very simple and easy. Stay tuned for the beautiful cornice that will go over the roman shade.

If you have any questions about making this roman shade please email at

Happy Designing!!

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