Kitchen Organization

I have literally been deciding how to organize my kitchen for days. Every time I find a new recipe, I buy a new tool.My pots and pans are a mess, pretty much thrown in the cabinet. My Tupperware (like an old lady…lol) is all over the place in the cabinet with the pans. Not very good I suppose.

I ran across a couple of great blogs with nifty organization ideas. Take a look…..


Love this one from Very great organization. Plus, I have a lot of measuring utensils.


This one from is great to. I love the labels on the jars.


This one is from I love the chalkboard paint cabinet idea to write down notes. This is a great way to keep track of what you run out of.

There are tons of different organization ideas out there to just choose one. I know for sure I’m going with the labeled jars but I haven’t decided on what else. Ugh… The thought process.

Happy Memorial Day!!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Organization

  1. I love that chalk board idea in the kitchen! Still trying to figure out where we should put it. Right now we have a notepad grocery checklist that we keep magnetically on the side of the fridge, not as cute but just as functional.

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