Meat, Meat, Meat

So I’m flipping through the Internet and come across a recent news feed about the meat industry and I came to the conclusion that it’s a horror film out there.


Just briefly the news was about shopping stores putting fillers in the ground beef that we purchase on a daily basis.


Yikes……none the less I read that book “Skinny Bitch” by the makers of Sex and the City and I’m totally disgusted. Factory workers peeing on the floor, dropping your meat in it, and then packaging it for sale. Ugh!! Where’s the common sense?

Over the past months I have became a big fan of PETA. They are about stopping animal cruelty and going vegetarian. If you are a meat eater I apologize. I have nothing against anybody who eats meat because my husband still does. I just love animals and saving them is a great thing. If your going to eat meat……….


I have became a PETA activist along with some of these great celebrities.




To all my vegetarians!!!


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