I’m the last!!

Here’s my sleepy time night cap…….So let me start by saying everyone around me is pregnant and normally that’s how it is in the military community. So of course I get the question all the time, when’s your turn? Are you next? Geez Louise if it was only that easy. All of my siblings except my sister (cuz she’s only 14) is either having a baby or already had one. So basically my family is waiting on me! Hubby and I have decided or we decided about a year ago that we would try for a baby.


Due to my long history of infertility, it has been agonizing! So I have been seeing specialist after specialist. I will go into further detail in a later post but I never realized how much goes into having a baby. Ugh…..vitamins, fertility meds, and eating healthy!!!


Also, I have never realized how many different varieties of things they offer for babies. Traditional cribs vs. unique!!



Who knew they made 70 different strollers. Yikes!! All ranging from $50-$500.


Anyways, I’m sure you what I’m saying!! Oh yeah and I need a family car! In the end though I can’t wait for my time to come.

Goodnight world!!


One thought on “I’m the last!!

  1. It will happen when it’s your time girl. Leave it in your lords hands and let life happen and don’t stress the small stuff 🙂

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