What a dreadful word and yes it has came into my life again. My hubby just returned from deployment and yet again he will be going on another one.

The long dreadful months feel like they go on forever and there never over. Last year I literally drowned myself in school and a full time job to make the time go by faster. This year I have no idea what I will be doing. All I can anticipate is the welcome home again and all the fun things that come with it like decorating your home or making cute little I love you banners.

The build up till the bus arrives with your man is amazing and the tears you shed as you finally get to see him again……PRICELESS! The best things about deployments is that your not alone. There are tons of other wives who feel your pain and agony about deployments. There are tons of wives like myself who have been through it millions of times and can help relieve a little stress. No one likes the word deployment.

Stay tuned for military terms every wife should know!!


Happy Friday!!



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