Alabama fans

Oh great!! A lot of us have husbands who are extreme sports fans and if I’m not mistaken, a lot of wives hate it. Well some anyways lol!! So what if there was a way you could love it with your husband? OMG….I figured it out! My friend and her husband are ultimate Alabama State fans. In the essence of football I made them a Alabama State wreath from yarn, ribbon, felt, and a wooden letter.

I started with a 12″ foam wreath. I wrapped the wreath 1/4 red and the rest in black. You might get carpel tunnel doing this but don’t worry you won’t be able to feel it after a while lol!!


I then proceeded to make flowers out of felt. In order to do this you must cut a circle out of the felt. Then you will cut the circle from outer going in to a spiral till you get to the center. Once you have done that you will roll the felt up from beginning to end and I glued the end with a hot glue gun. If you want to jazz up the flower you can use corsage pins or jewels. (I will have a tutorial up soon.)

For this particular wreath I added a few pieces to make it interesting like the footballs, the football ribbon, and the number 1. I also added an A in the middle for Alabama. This is a really cute gift for someone. My friend absolutely loved it.

You can find my wreaths on my Etsy shop.



2 thoughts on “Alabama fans

  1. Totally understand the A now and love it lol!!! I don’t have to change it girl!!! Makes sense and I love love love it!!! Ur amazing!!!

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