Fitness check-in

So I got an email today from another fellow blogger asking me how my weight losing was going so I decided to share with everyone.

So I have been meat free for 3 weeks now and yes it has been rough.


I have been laying in bed in the middle of not craving only two things….

A big juicy burger!!

And hot wings!!

I know….I know…..I have totally stayed away and have been eating fruit and vegetables when I have cravings. I have also tried new things like eggplant and squash.


I will tell u what though…..the best workout I have had is the kettle bell workout. It has my body looking good.
For anyone unsure about the kettle bell workout, here is what they look like….

It is a great workout! Also the treadmill and running have been my best friend. I have cut soda and mostly drink water and natural teas. For snacks I eat fruit, vegetables, Greek yogurt, or I will have a shake (homemade).

So the moment of truth:

I am down 12 more lbs and my pants feel bigger. I have been meat free for 3 weeks and my abs are looking great.

Determination is the key!!


Happy fitness!!


DIY Roman Shades

Yes…I know today is Memorial Day and I should be out having fun but in my world making Roman Shades is fun. So I have to first start by saying that I love the roman shades with the huge fold overs. Something similar to this…..


I made my roman shades with no sewing machine, no mini blinds, and with absolutely little time.

So first I picked out my fabric…..


It’s a solid turquoise because I am adding a patterned cornice over the top of the roman shade. I also used a fabric fusion glue which is wonderful.


So first I rolled out the fabric and folded it in half so the fabric would be doubled to keep out sun if needed. I then folded over the sides about an inch due to my fabric width (this may vary depending on size of window).


I then doubled the fold so u couldn’t see the edges.


I then ironed the sides to make sure they didn’t move and stayed in place. I then turned the fabric around and did the same process on the top where the rod will be inserted and on the other length side. The only side I did not do was the bottom. I then used the fusion glue to glue all sides down.

As for the rod, I used 3 tension rods to make it easier for me. Tension Rods were priced at 2.00.


I then placed the tension rod through the rod pocket that I made up top and hung the roman shade. Of course you have to let it dry a little to. I then placed and spaced the other two tension rods at a decent distance and dropped the fabric over to create wide pleats.

Here goes……


It was very simple and easy. Stay tuned for the beautiful cornice that will go over the roman shade.

If you have any questions about making this roman shade please email at

Happy Designing!!

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Happy Memorial Day

As a person who served in the military before, yes….I served in the Air Force, I will always honor all military members. Plus my husbands a Marine to.


Oh yeah and for all my fashionista’s out there….


On this very special day let’s also honor our fallen….


Hope everyone enjoys their memorial Day and have lots of fun!!


Kitchen Organization

I have literally been deciding how to organize my kitchen for days. Every time I find a new recipe, I buy a new tool.My pots and pans are a mess, pretty much thrown in the cabinet. My Tupperware (like an old lady…lol) is all over the place in the cabinet with the pans. Not very good I suppose.

I ran across a couple of great blogs with nifty organization ideas. Take a look…..


Love this one from Very great organization. Plus, I have a lot of measuring utensils.


This one from is great to. I love the labels on the jars.


This one is from I love the chalkboard paint cabinet idea to write down notes. This is a great way to keep track of what you run out of.

There are tons of different organization ideas out there to just choose one. I know for sure I’m going with the labeled jars but I haven’t decided on what else. Ugh… The thought process.

Happy Memorial Day!!

Meat, Meat, Meat

So I’m flipping through the Internet and come across a recent news feed about the meat industry and I came to the conclusion that it’s a horror film out there.


Just briefly the news was about shopping stores putting fillers in the ground beef that we purchase on a daily basis.


Yikes……none the less I read that book “Skinny Bitch” by the makers of Sex and the City and I’m totally disgusted. Factory workers peeing on the floor, dropping your meat in it, and then packaging it for sale. Ugh!! Where’s the common sense?

Over the past months I have became a big fan of PETA. They are about stopping animal cruelty and going vegetarian. If you are a meat eater I apologize. I have nothing against anybody who eats meat because my husband still does. I just love animals and saving them is a great thing. If your going to eat meat……….


I have became a PETA activist along with some of these great celebrities.




To all my vegetarians!!!

Banana berry buttermilk Ice pops!!

I am so loving whole Living magazine and website. It is a website based on eating natural healthy foods and gives you tons of recipes for food, snacks, body scrubs, facial creams, and much much more. I copied down a few recipes last night and tried one this morning. Take a look……

Banana Berry Buttermilk Ice pops

Puree 1 1/2 cups low-fat buttermilk, 1 banana, 1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen berries, and 1/4 cup honey or agave syrup in a blender until smooth. Pour mixture into Popsicle molds and freeze. Makes 10 pops ( 75 calories each).

Here are a few of the ingredients I used……


I also added a little bit pomegranate juice as well. They taste sweet I’m guessing from the honey but they are delicious. At the end I just put them in a Popsicle maker for the freezer.


Everyone must try these! They are delicious!!

Happy eating!!

Room design Day!!

So today I have literally spent the day working on room designs for people. I am so excited to share but I am not quite done yet. I have the had the liberty of designing two great rooms this week and I’m totally loving them.

I get to do a baby room with a fish theme.


I also get to do a romantic bedroom for a friend.


I did a great baby room last week and will hopefully be sharing pictures with you soon.

I have been to Lowe’s to collect the great sample paints that come in my room design box and Valspar has done it again. They win my heart all the time!! Their color samples are great and they come in a great looking box if you order offline.


Can’t wait to share pictures with you! Have to surprise the clients first.

Happy Monday!!

I’m the last!!

Here’s my sleepy time night cap…….So let me start by saying everyone around me is pregnant and normally that’s how it is in the military community. So of course I get the question all the time, when’s your turn? Are you next? Geez Louise if it was only that easy. All of my siblings except my sister (cuz she’s only 14) is either having a baby or already had one. So basically my family is waiting on me! Hubby and I have decided or we decided about a year ago that we would try for a baby.


Due to my long history of infertility, it has been agonizing! So I have been seeing specialist after specialist. I will go into further detail in a later post but I never realized how much goes into having a baby. Ugh…..vitamins, fertility meds, and eating healthy!!!


Also, I have never realized how many different varieties of things they offer for babies. Traditional cribs vs. unique!!



Who knew they made 70 different strollers. Yikes!! All ranging from $50-$500.


Anyways, I’m sure you what I’m saying!! Oh yeah and I need a family car! In the end though I can’t wait for my time to come.

Goodnight world!!

Strawberry, pineapple, banana smoothie

I absolutely love smoothies and because there’s no Jamba Juice here I have been forced to start making my own smoothies. I have a recipe that I absolutely love in the mornings and besides what actually goes into it I add my morning daily vitamins because I hate swallowing pills. I know that sounds gross but it works and you can’t taste it.


Here’s the recipe I use!

1/2 pint fresh strawberries, stems removed
1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped
2 ripe bananas, peeled
3-4 tablespoons sugar or honey
3/4 cup water or coconut water
2 cups medium ice cubes

I can’t quite remember where I got it but I love it. I have the greatest blender to from Bella Cucina. It’s the kind that comes with the cups you put on blender and then you can just drink right after. Love it!!


Have an Absolutely Delicious day!!