Benjamin Moore & Olioboard

I am a big fan of Olioboard because it is a place you can go and put all your designs together and show case them. I have so many ideas running through my head so it gives me great pleasure to post them all over Olioboards and print them out for my portfolio. I was glancing over Olioboard today and noticed they were having a Benjamin Moore Paint color contest. So of course I entered the contest. Here’s a look at two of my boards. The first…..

As I always tell everyone, I am a color person and absolutely can’t live in my house without it. So I love the mixture of colors in this Olioboard and my most favorite piece is the chandeliar. The orange red gives this room a pop of color outside of the turquoise. Here’s the next one…my favorite….

This is my ultimate bedroom. I always tell my friends how I love the gray and yellow colors together. It’s comfortable yet flirty. Im in the process of turning my bedroom into these colors. You will see this later in another blog post. As you decorate your home, never be afraid to use color. Color gives a room life. If you want to see more olioboards in this contest check out To vote for my two olioboards, here’s the links.

I hope these rooms inspire you. Happy designing!!


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