My Antique Shoppers

So I absolutely love antiques and the other day I ran across a beautiful chair I thought would be great repurposed. Here’s a pic! Take a look!


You are probably all wondering, why that chair? Well, I love elephants because they are a sign of fertility. So I thought this chair would be a great piece repurposed and displayed in my living room. I asked around to a couple people to see if the chair was a true antique. The stores price tag……..


So for that price lets talk real or fake. I happen to come across a real one so I can show you the similarities. Here….


This is suppose to be a real Jacobean Hall “hall chair”. So basically you can see all the similarities. So what’s the point of my post?

I went back to the store where the chair was being sold at and ran across a guy who was looking at the same chair. I waited for the store owner to leave and I quietly asked him if he knew if the chair was real. He casually handed me his card and said “no, they think it is but it’s not”. Later found out he’s an antique dealer and owns a shop in La and one in Vegas. Just my luck to run into him while he was visiting his daughter.

So, if you are an extreme Antique shopper please do research on your pieces before buying. Everything may seem real but most are probably not.

Have a fab day! Be back soon!


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