Picking Paint Colors

So if you don’t already know, I am a huge color person. I can’t stand to many dull colors. I love for my rooms to be vibrant and cheerful. I have the kind of house where people walk in and think, “wow”! I ran across a quiz on Better homes and Gardens that asks you questions about your personality and then they give you what colors they think your personality matches. Due to the fact that I am a Sex in the City plan my cleaning out kind of girl, My color came up blush pink. No surprise to me being that my favorite color is pink.

Blush Pink

Bridging the dichotomy between sweet and sophisticated, this blush pink palette transcends styles and eras. Swirled with lavenders and minty greens, it carries you to a pastoral 19th-century English cottage. Or teamed with gray and black, or magenta and chocolate, the look evokes a Park Avenue flat circa 1950.

Here is the link to the quiz. Let me know what your paint color is.



2 thoughts on “Picking Paint Colors

  1. You would love my bathroom if you are in to bold colors!!! We are doing rubber duck yellow since its rubber duck themed for Savannah!

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