April Showers bring May Flowers!!

After a long hard day today I came home to fabulous garden and saw that my Cantaloupe and Watermelon have decided to join us for some sun. Take a look!!



I’m so excited! This is my very first time growing fruit in my yard, so I’m praying that they grow to be extremely sweet and tasty! Here’s a few more pictures….



Well for today, HappyGardening!!



Hello to all my awesome bloggers! It’s Friday and yes it’s party time!! No not really. I’m kind of an old lady LOL!! I was just stopping by to let everyone know because I became quite the ultimate blogger, I will be updating my blog to a new look over the next week so I can add more content and features for everyone. Please bare with me and the change. Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Designing!!


I was Featured!!

What an exciting feeling you get to see yourself and your accomplishments on another persons blog. I absolutely love it! I was featured today on The life of a not so ordinary wife.

You guys have to check it out. The blog owner Melissa is great and her blog is wonderful! Her travels, stories, and crafts are amazing and I think you guys would enjoy it. Hey, don’t just sit there. Go check me out!

Happy Designing!!


Sprucing up!

There’s nothing like getting ready for the spring or summer with bright beautiful colors. Pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows…..you name it, I love it.
If I haven’t already said it, I am in the middle of opening an Etsy shop full of things I love. Today I took the time out to make this awesome wreath for my front door which I plan to have on my Etsy. Take a look….


I love all the colors and yes I am a zebra print person. It’s a got to have in my house LOL!! I am also making a few yarn wreaths as well. Stay tuned for my felt flower tutorial.
What do you think?
Happy Designing!!

Crazy Monday

It’s Monday and yes it has been a day. I have some great home projects coming up this week and I can’t wait to share them. Unfortunately I’m running behind schedule due to being sick. Don’t worry though….I have some friends for you to meet and mingle with that you will love as well. You can find all of these beautiful ladies in my sidebar. Go go go go go check them out.

Liz Marie Blog


I gotta love this girl. She is an awesome friend and true DIY’er. You will love everything she does on her blog. If you love beautiful furniture redo’s then she’s your girl! You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and linky friends.

The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife


Melissa is her name and blogging is her game. This blog is filled with great adventures, fun linky parties, and fun DIY. You can follow Melissa on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

The Taylor House


Slide on over to The Taylor House where Chrissy Taylor blogs about the greatest recipes (Oreo cupcakes) and lots of fun filled days with her family. I absolutely love her blog. You can follow Chrissy on Pinterest and Facebook.

All of these girls are truly amazing and you will love their blogs as well. Don’t for get to tell them I sent you!! Happy Monday!

My Pet Lovers

I have blogged about this before but I was reading Modern Dog Magazine one day and ran across a company called BarkBox. If anyone has ever heard of the BirchBox for women, it’s something similar but for dogs. You subscribe monthly anywhere from $17-25 a month and u get a box with anywhere from 5-7 fun things for you and your dog. Take a look at mine………..


The April BarkBox included:

1. Little Eatz (littleeatz.com)
2. K-10+ (k-10plus.com)
3. Eco Dog Planet (ecodogplanet.com)
4. Freezy Pups (freezypups.com)
5. Barkworthies (barkworthies.com)
6. BarkBox t-shirt

My dog actually loved everything about this box. My favorite was the Freezypups. Take a look…..


If ur a pet lover please go to BarkBox.com and use coupon code “BARKBOXFRIEND” at checkout to receive $5 off your bark box. Your furry friend will love you. Woof!

Benjamin Moore & Olioboard

I am a big fan of Olioboard because it is a place you can go and put all your designs together and show case them. I have so many ideas running through my head so it gives me great pleasure to post them all over Olioboards and print them out for my portfolio. I was glancing over Olioboard today and noticed they were having a Benjamin Moore Paint color contest. So of course I entered the contest. Here’s a look at two of my boards. The first…..

As I always tell everyone, I am a color person and absolutely can’t live in my house without it. So I love the mixture of colors in this Olioboard and my most favorite piece is the chandeliar. The orange red gives this room a pop of color outside of the turquoise. Here’s the next one…my favorite….

This is my ultimate bedroom. I always tell my friends how I love the gray and yellow colors together. It’s comfortable yet flirty. Im in the process of turning my bedroom into these colors. You will see this later in another blog post. As you decorate your home, never be afraid to use color. Color gives a room life. If you want to see more olioboards in this contest check out olioboard.com. To vote for my two olioboards, here’s the links.



I hope these rooms inspire you. Happy designing!!

Bench Re-do

So I found this little bench at a store called Deja Vu in Morehead City where my friend Liz and I go scavenger hunting for furniture. This was a cute little antique bench and I just had to have it. Take a look…..


It’s spring now and that absolutely means its time for color. Oh yes color fanatic I am. So I painted the bench yellow, took out the two sit cushions and made the sits into one whole bench and added pillows from my fat pile in the closet. Here’s the new bench….


I decided to add more color to the bench which will come in a later post to kind of tone down the yellow. I hope you enjoy and see you next time. Happy designing!!

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Pier 1 Lovers

Who loves Pier 1? I do, I do!!! So for the month of April I am giving away a 4 piece table setting which includes 4 placemats, 4 napkin holders, and 4 napkins. So from now till May 1st like my Facebook page and get 1 vote. For every friend your refer you get another vote. A winner will be chosen May 1st. (not a Pier 1 fan, will stay tuned for next months giveaway)


My Antique Shoppers

So I absolutely love antiques and the other day I ran across a beautiful chair I thought would be great repurposed. Here’s a pic! Take a look!


You are probably all wondering, why that chair? Well, I love elephants because they are a sign of fertility. So I thought this chair would be a great piece repurposed and displayed in my living room. I asked around to a couple people to see if the chair was a true antique. The stores price tag……..


So for that price lets talk real or fake. I happen to come across a real one so I can show you the similarities. Here….


This is suppose to be a real Jacobean Hall “hall chair”. So basically you can see all the similarities. So what’s the point of my post?

I went back to the store where the chair was being sold at and ran across a guy who was looking at the same chair. I waited for the store owner to leave and I quietly asked him if he knew if the chair was real. He casually handed me his card and said “no, they think it is but it’s not”. Later found out he’s an antique dealer and owns a shop in La and one in Vegas. Just my luck to run into him while he was visiting his daughter.

So, if you are an extreme Antique shopper please do research on your pieces before buying. Everything may seem real but most are probably not.

Have a fab day! Be back soon!